For security to be effective and successful, everyone including senior management must be fully aware of the importance of enterprise and information security.

The security awareness program should help employees understand the underlying significance of security and the specific security related requirements expected of them. Our security awareness training is designed for the target audience listed below and covers a wide variety of areas of the business environment and its Security policies.

  • General Staff
  • Senior management
  • Technical staff
  • General staff/HR/Accounting/Sales/Customer service

The methods of delivery are:

  • Fully Web based Security awareness training solution
  • Onsite training for individual groups

Training Course Portfolio

Our courses are designed and delivered by practising industry experts and they provide a comprehensive learning experience for each of our delegates. Penayde course portfolio is the absolute best of breed covering all important areas of IT Security, Information Risk Management, Compliance and Governance.

Cyber Security Awareness 5 day General public with minimum or no IT background
Information Security Governance 5 day Senior Managers and Top Executives
Cyber Crime 5 day Law Practitioners and Enforcement Agents
Vulnerability Management 5 day IT/ Security Practitioners
Ethical Hacking and Pen Testing 5 day IT/ Security Practitioners

*Those with no former qualifications but with years of experience in IT will be considered